Christmas is such a fun time to get together with family and friends. Decking the halls, making and wrapping gifts, and throwing parties can be a fun way to experience the season. Let us help you with all your Christmas Season plans. Check below for great ideas from how to Decorate your Christmas tree, to building the perfect doll bed, we’ve got you covered.

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Tips for Decorating Christmas Trees

  1. Whether you have a real tree of an artificial tree start by fluffing and shaping the branches or possibly trimming branches of the real tree to help with the shape of the tree.
  2. When decorating a Christmas tree, lights must go on first. If you are lucky enough to have a prelit tree, then you still need to test the lights. Be sure to plug it in and make sure all the lights are working before moving on to the next step.
  3. Place the tree skirt in place, because of the nature of climbing under the tree you want to do this first so you don’t knock ornaments off.
  4. Place the topper or angel in place at the top of the tree. Because this is a main focal point get it in place first. This will help to make sure you properly balance out the following decorations.
  5. It’s time to start adding things to the tree finally! I like to start with garlands because these need to be worked into the branches, and again it is easier to do this before you have ornaments hanging on branches. Work your way zig zag from the top of the tree down or you can waterfall the ribbon straight down from the top as well.
  6. Add picks or branches. This is a good way to break up the hard triangular line especially of artificial trees. It adds softness and interest.
  7. Ornament time! But we are starting with the very biggest ornaments and nestling them into the tree to fill gaps and to help the lights to reflect off them from the center of the tree. We don’t want all ornaments on the very tips of branches or it will look unbalanced so work this into the tree.
  8. Now is the time to add any special ornaments you have for the tree. Anything you want to make sure is one the tree for special significance or memory pieces. Before adding all the rest you want to make sure you have room for the important things.
  9. Add any contrasting special colors or items that you want to give more variety to the tree or fill in with a similar color family in varying sizes.
  10. Sit back and enjoy your tree!

Advent Calendars

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is counting down the days to Christmas. Having a special advent calendar that has sentimentality to it really adds to the experience. One of the best experiences I had as a child was decorating the felt Christmas tree with one ornament a day- even without added sugar it was one of the highlights of the season.

Countdown to christmas

  • Keep it simple. Just counting down the days can be enough to fill your child’s imagination.
  • If activities are part of your advent plan, remember that you can include plans that are already there, a church Christmas party for example. Also the activities can definitely be repeated from year to year this is what really solidifies traditions! Repeating them!
  • Consider gratitude activities and serving others in your countdown.
  • Let the kids help you plan or set up your advent for added fun.
  • Counting down the 12 days of Christmas with a daily craft is a fun way to create memories and fun trinkets to use yearly or to give away as gifts.

12 Days of Christmas

Let’s decorate the whole house

Decorating your house for Christmas can be overwhelming and fun at the same time. Things to consider before starting.

Design around a theme to avoid your house feeling too busy or like there are too many ideas going on at once. The theme can be a color or two or a theme like candy cane stripes, whatever you love, but by repeating them a couple of times around your house it will feel cohesive.

If you want to keep decor simple opt for the biggest return on your decorating buck by picking key areas in the rooms that are focal points. Decorate those areas first. You can decorate a mantel, a console table, a perfectly placed picture on the wall. This will spread the Christmas cheer evenly throughout your home.

Lastly, don’t forget that you have to put this all away at the end of the season and possibly store them til next year. Sometimes thinking about this helps me to simplify my plans and after a busy holiday season, I’m thankful when cleanup and storage are easy and not just another huge task.

Christmas Printables

Printables make for great easy decor and gifts. We have GREAT printables that you can use all around your home!

Gift Ideas

Thinking of Christmas gift ideas can be overwhelming, but also very gratifying. Giving gifts is some of the best parts of the holiday season. And if you are handy, making those gifts can make the giving of them even more satisfying. Check out our gifting ideas and our DIY gift projects for more great ideas.

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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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