Hello! We are Justin and Cassity!

It’s nice to virtually meet you and welcome to our blog!

This blog is all about the DIY. We are obsessed with remodeling, projects, and we love to share all the details with you. It is so satisfying to improve our home on a budget and do it ourselves. We hope you will find some inspiration to create new spaces and remodel old ones in your own home.

We started our adventure in remodeling over 21 years ago and yes, you can say we are addicted. But we don’t have any plans to get help, in fact we have lists and lists of plans for more projects.

Our motto is reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel (try saying that 5 times fast)! We try to use old things in creative ways and reuse our old building supplies in other projects.

We are obsessed with with DIY and remodeling and we know you are too. We love to share your projects as well our own, If you have a project that you think would be a good fit for our blog we would love to see it.

How it started

Cassity loves almost every creative avenue and likes to have projects to keep her busy. When it comes to remodeling we try to do it on a tight budget.

We are currently working on our 6th project house.
1st the Logan House
2nd the Downing House
3rd the Park House
4th The Canyon House
5th (and Current) The Birch House

6th The Jordan House

We started blogging on our second house, and have tried to bring you some of our first adventures in remodeling as Retro Remodels.

About Cassity

(I’m the one on the the keyboard most of the time)

If you saw me at the grocery store, I’m sorry. I might just be wearing paint clothes, and flipflops, with messy bun unbrushed.

I am a wife and mother first and foremost.

My husband is a dream. He can do anything, and is cheerful about most anything I ask. He is a landscape architect, so we love to design together!

I am an Interior Designer, according to my bachelor’s degree. I do not work in the field though currently. I help friends and fix up our houses, but that is all for now.

As seen in:

Our Family

It took us eight years to conceive. It was a difficult and painful path, I mention this, because for those of you going through it, you are not alone. I feel so much for you and pray you get your baby too.

Out of the blue, in the fall of 2008 I got pregnant, we finally had our dreams of becoming parents come true! Our daughter, Etta  and then almost immediately after now Lydia in 2011) are the first loves of our lives!

We got to experience infertility again after those two came along. 4 years after Lydia, in 2015, when we were finally pregnant and couldn’t be happier, we lost our son in a late term miscarriage. This is a pain like no other. After so many years of wanting children- multiple children, losing him was really painful.

Another 4 years later in 2019 we finally had the surprise of a lifetime when we were finally pregnant again and got another set of sisters Zena and in 2021 Alice. We are SO happy to have these crazy little around, and it is so fun to see their big sisters have little around.

We love our pets! We have two indoor cats, Tiger and Lily.

Family Picture3

We hope you like our blog and find inspiration to tackle some projects at your house!

Please remember, this blog is for entertainment purposes only. With ALL of our free DIY projects and tutorials, be certain to read over the complete tutorial before starting a project. Build at your own risk and be smart, be safe. We will not be responsible for any injury or damage incurred while following a tutorial from our site. None of our posts should be considered expert advice; please consult a professional when needed, read all safety and instruction manuals, and take all safety precautions. All projects performed following instructions found on this site are done at your own risk.

A Few of Our Favs

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