Our Favorite Things Gift Guide

Are you searching for the perfect gifts? We have our top five favorite things gift guide that you need to check out for gift giving this year.

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5 Of Our Absolute Favorite Gift Ideas That We Actually Have Tried And Use Gift Guide Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Our Favorite Things Gift Guide

We know sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift, but we are here to help you out with five of our favorite gift ideas that we actually use. These are things we’ve tried and fell in love with and since we love them so much we wanted to share them with you to help you out with your Christmas shopping this holiday season.

1. California Beach Co. Pop ‘n Go Playpen

    The California Beach Co. pop up tent playpen for kids is the best at all sporting events. If you have a little kids and you need to keep them contained we get so many questions about it. Let little ones enjoy being outdoors, and safe! Plus, it comes with a cover.

    2. Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers

    I like the Harvest Right freeze dryer because I’m into prepping and it’s a great way to save meals that you’ve made that you don’t want to eat the leftovers for right away. You can freeze them in quart bags and later freeze dry them at one time.

    Also it’s really fun to make candy with for gifts, and makes a great little cottage business. If you haven’t tried freeze dried Skittles, they are so yummy! Among other great options like, M&M’s, Peach Rings, even ice cream sandwiches.

    3. Gabb Phones

    Gabb phones are my favorite for teens! I’m trying to avoid the traps of social media, games, and phone addiction in general. But I still want to give them the ability to connect with friends or me when they are away from home. Gabb phones and watches are a great alternative to meet my needs for my teens.

    4. Beddy’s

    SGPH 2022 Home 10 Builder Slate Ridge Homes Nest Style & Design, Brittany Allen Beddy's Bunk Beds Bedding
    Beddy’s Bedding featured in SGPH 2022 Home 10 Builder Slate Ridge Homes Nest Style & Design, Brittany Allen

    Beddy’s are really the best for all types of beds! But, we especially love them for bunk beds and bunk rooms, like these. Beddy’s are also a great idea that help clean rooms fast. To make the bed all you have to do is simply zip up the bedding. They also come with a couple of options for a soft inside, or more like a cotton sheet.

    5. Ikon Art Kit for Screen Printing

    Have you tried screen printing? It is so fun and perfect for so many projects. We loved Chalk Couture, but this kit is even better because you have the ability to make custom reusable stencils. The possibilities are truly endless! Use your creativity with this awesome stencil kit.

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