Printable First Day of School Signs (Updated for 2023-2024)

Back to school time is drawing near, so it’s time for printable first day of school signs! These school photo signs and the matching last day of school signs have been updated for the 2023-2024 school year, or get the editable first day of school sign to use year after year.

Don’t miss the other printable first and last day of school signs here as well, plus our favorite easy first day of school traditions.

First Day Of School Signs 7 Printable Designs Editable Year Options 2023 2024 Remodelaholic

2023-2024 Printable First Day of School Signs

Hi Remodelaholics! For those who don’t know me, my name is Michelle and I’m the editor of a creative lifestyle blog called Elegance & Enchantment and I also run a stationery/print shop called Enchanted Prints. Regular readers, you may remember some of the recent projects I’ve shared including these BBQ Invitations and the Art Prints I designed for #deckthewalls week.

While I’m sad that we will be saying goodbye to summer in the coming months, I’m excited to share some new download printables that will make going back to school just a little more fun for the new school year.

First Day Of School Signs Horizontal2

I’m all about documenting every moment and take entirely too many photos. Am I the only one who is constantly pushing the limits of their phone storage?

While I don’t have kiddos of my own, if I did, you better bet that the first day of school would turn into a full on photoshoot. Maybe it’s better that I don’t…my kitty cats already hate me for taking so many photos of them!

For those of you who do have kids heading back to school next month, and plan on getting snap happy with your camera, these signs will make the perfect addition to those first day of school pictures.

First Day Of School Signs Horizontal

I’ve set you up with a set of 16 different printables, to cover everything from the first day of preschool through middle school to 12th grade of high school. The PDF file also includes a homeschool option, plus a reader suggested that the first day of school is the first day of freedom for parents, so I added that as well!

AND, by popular demand, with the year editable file, I’ve included a bonus file that includes another 14 classes/schools for a total of 30 options! (See the full list of what’s included here.)

Each sign is set up to print on 8.5 x 11 paper. Pre-filled signs for the current year include crop lines for an 8×10 print to pop in a photo frame; year-editable signs are full-page printables (no trimming) to fit in a document frame.

Download the 2023-2024 first day of school signs and last day of school signs, or year-editable versions HERE. 

*All Remodelaholic printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. Use it, gift it, but don’t alter it, sell it or otherwise distribute the print or the file. Thanks!

Want to include your child’s name and teacher’s name?

Use these printable infographic school signs instead! Try the classic colorblock style (in 7 colors) or the colorful confetti style printable first day of school sign.

Both first day of school signs include your child’s name and child’s grade, plus age, school or teacher, and future career aspirations for “when I grow up”.

Editable Colorblock Infographic School Photo Sign Printable, First Day Of School #remodelaholic
Infographic First Day Of School Sign Printable Editable, Remodelaholic

(PS: Get the matching birthday sign to include all their favorite things!)

More fun first day of school printables

From the first day of kindergarten to their freshman and senior years — make first day of school photos easy with these other first day signs. Your posterity will appreciate it… someday.

First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

No chalk markers needed for this printable school chalkboard sign!

Printable First Day of School Flag

This cutout triangle flag pennant sign is SO cute — just cut out and tape to a ribbon. A great first day of school sign for a classroom banner or a group photo prop.

Academic Ribbon First Day of School Sign ribbon banner and laurel wreath first day of school sign has me ready to pull out the crayons and rulers and sharpen my pencil! AND you can get the editable version to enter your own grade level if you want.

First Day of School Bunting Sign simple letter board style sign is great for all ages and grades — even your teen who is too cool for school.

Printable Photo Prop Signs

New this year — you can also print matching milestone signs for birthdays, pregnancy, and baby’s first year! Such a fun an easy photo prop for memorable photo’s.

Instant Download Printable Milestone Card Set For Pregnancy, Baby, Kids #remodelaholic

First Day of School Sign Printable FAQs

How long does it take to get my first day of school sign?

It’s okay if school starts tomorrow (or in an hour) — all our PDF school signs are delivered direct to your email within moments of ordering!

How do I print the first day of school sign I want?

Each PDF file download is formatted for your home printer (8.5×11 letter size paper) and includes ALL the grades (or is editable to type in the grade), so all you have to do is click print,

We recommend printing on cardstock (worth the little extra cost!) and a color printer if you have one. You can also print at a local print shop or office store.

Want to save on color ink? Print these all black and white first day of school signs:

Printable Last Day Of School Sign #remodelaholic

How do I edit the editable signs?

The editable first day of school signs will show the editable fields when opened in Adobe Reader. (Be sure it’s Adobe Reader — other PDF programs usually don’t show the font correctly or let you edit!)

Our editable sign options are the

The links below contain affiliate links. Please see our full privacy policy and disclosure here.

Plus, see more styles of first day of school signs here

or check out Michelle’s additional editable school signs here.

First Day Of School Printable Photo Signs, 7 Different Styles, Download And Custom Print From @Remodelaholic

Back To School Signs Enchanted Prints66
Back To School Signs Enchanted Prints4

I’d absolutely love to see these signs in action on Instagram! Make sure to tag your photos with #enchantedprints #imaremodelaholic or share your pictures here. Thanks!

Check out this adorable photo from our reader, Brianna! Thank you for sharing!


Looking for even more printables to get you ready for back to school? Click on the thumbnails below to see more. Look forward to seeing you again next month!

Printable First Day of School SignsPrintable First Day of School SignsPrintable First Day of School Signs

More easy printables:

First Day Of School Signs Printable With Last Day Signs Remodelaholic
First Day Of School Signs Vertical
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