Heat Up Your Home: Sizzling Fireplace Design Trends

Fireplaces have been a staple of home decor for centuries, but they’re making a comeback as the hottest trend in 2023. With their cozy warmth and inviting ambiance, fireplaces can transform any space into a warm and inviting retreat.

A fireplace is more than just a source of warmth; it’s a focal point that can add style and ambiance to your home. Its design has evolved over the years, offering homeowners a plethora of exciting options to suit their tastes and needs. Whether you’re building a new fireplace or considering a renovation, staying up to date with the latest trends can help you create a sizzling fireplace that elevates the aesthetics and comfort of your space. 

Here are some ideas for how to makeover your existing fireplace and transform it into an eye catching feature in your home.

Adding Stone To your Fireplace

DIY Fireplace Makeover AirStone 2 041944
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

This three part fireplace makeover was finished off with a product called Airstone which is a lightweight stone product that easily glues in place.  We replaced the old tile with stone.

DIY Fireplace With Built Ins

DIY Firepalce With Built Ins 041755
Photo Credit: Rambling from the Burbs for Remodelaholic.
If you have been dreaming of adding a fireplace to a dated room in your house, you are going to love this idea for a DIY fireplace with built-ins. Find out how to DIY your own stone fireplace here.

Simple DIY Concrete Hearth Over Tile

17 Tutorial For DIY Concrete Hearth By She Holds Dearly Featured On @Remodelaholic 600x411 041846
Photo Credit: She Holds Dearly for Remodelaholic.
Concrete adds such a chic, modern look to this quirky farmhouse. You are going to love the transformation of this simple project. Find out how to make a concrete hearth here.

Fireplace Mantel In Distress

Distressing A Faux Fireplace 042038
Photo Credit: The Painted Cupboard for Remodelaholic.
With a little paint and some elbow grease, this mantel gets a chic makeover from bland brown to stunning white. Get the details on how to update your fireplace mantel here.

Installing a Wood Mantel On a Stone Fireplace

How To Install A Wood Mantel RA 23 600x400 042029
Photo Credit: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body for Remodelaholic.
Adding a wooden mantel to your masonry fireplace seems like a daunting task, but this tutorial breaks it down in an easy to replicate DIY project. Get the details on how to add a wooden mantle to your fireplace here.

Restoring a Stone Fireplace

Resoring Old Firepalce Brick 041837
Photo Credit: Food Wine and Home for Remodelaholic.
If you often look at your fireplace with distaste, you might want to try your hand at updating it with paint. Check out this tutorial to find tips and tricks to restore a poorly painted fireplace here.

Painted Black Brick Fireplace Wall

How To Make A Simple Wood Mantel @remodelaholic DIY Mantel 10 Of 34 600x800a 041820
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.
Did you ever consider painting your fireplace bricks black? You are going to love the way this project turns drab brown bricks into an eye catching feature in your home. Learn how to paint a brick fireplace wall black here.

Building a Fake Fireplace Mantel

Final Fuax Mantel Look 600x493 041829
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.
This mantel project adds style to your space and helps you hide unsightly cords. Find out how to make your own fake fireplace mantel to your home on a budget, using scrap wood here.

Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace Makeover After 600x400 042007
Photo Credit: Little Bits of Bliss for Remodelaholic.
Give an existing fireplace a fantastic new look with this tutorial. It replaces a sheet rock mantel and deals with a small nook for a TV. Find out how this fireplace remodel came together here.

White Brick Fireplace Makeover

Painted Brick Fireplace Restoration 041810
Photo Credit: Pretty Handy Girl for Remodelaholic.
If you want to update a white brick wall, then this tutorial is the place to start. Learn how to paint bricks to make them natural, and grab the exact colors used in this fireplace makeover here.

Gray Painted Brick Fireplace Focal Wall

Living Room With Dark Painted Fireplace Focal Wall Dans Le Lakehouse On Remodelaholic 600x450 042042
Photo Credit: Dans le Lakehouse for Remodelaholic.
Painting your fireplace brick wall dark gray makes for such a gorgeous focal point. Find out how to give your brick fireplace wall a stunning transformation here.

The Easiest Ever Wood Mantel for a Brick Fireplace

How To Make A Simple Wood Mantel @remodelaholic DIY Mantel 27 Of 34 E1407952270421 600x417 041935
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.
Add a modern and stylish wooden mantel to your brick fireplace with this tutorial. This looks amazing when finished, and you will love how easy this project is to complete. Find the details to make an easy wood mantel here.

Farmhouse Chic Fireplace Mantel Makeover

Mantel And Fireplace Makeover By Twelve On Main Featured Image 042015
Photo Credit: Twelve on Main for Remodelaholic.
Give your existing fireplace an update and bring plenty of farmhouse chic style with it. Find out how you can replicate this farmhouse chic fireplace makeover here.

Tiled Fireplace

2 Before And After Mantel Makeover Using Mirror Above Fireplace Pink Little Notebook Featured On @Remodelaholic 041958
Photo Credit: Pink Little Notebook for Remodelaholic.
This tiled fireplace looks like a million bucks. Luckily, if you love the results, you can replicate it on your fireplace on a budget. Get the details on how to update a fireplace with tile here.

Dramatic Results of a White Brick Painted Fireplace

IMG 0069 041855
Photo Credit: Homemade Ginger for Remodelaholic.
These results are stunning; an earth toned brick fireplace wall gets a new look with a few cans of leftover paint and primer. Find out how you can achieve similar results with a dramatic white painted brick fireplace here.

Stone Fireplace Update

Fire 1602148 042051
Photo Credit: Lemon Thistle for Remodelaholic.
A coat of primer and paint give this dated stone fireplace a whole new look! I can’t decide if I love the fireplace or the live edge wood mantel better. Hop over and have a look at this stone fireplace update and let me know what you think.

Salvaged Industrial Bar Table

1a Industrial Bar Table Built Of Salvaged Materials By Salvage Sister And Mister Featured On @Remodelaholic 061252
Photo Credit: Salvage Sister and Mister for Remodelaholic.

Who knew an old truck tire could become something so fabulous? This idea started with a scrap truck tire on the highway, and turns into the perfect place to sip a drink and relax a little! Find the details on how you can make a salvaged industrial bar table here.

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