Styling Secrets for Spot-On Mantel Arrangement

Hi there! Dawn here, from, and today I’m here to share a little about the new Styling Secrets course from the School of Decorating* which Jackie introduced yesterday here. If you’ve ever struggled with getting spaces in your home to look finished or put together, this course is for you — be sure to sign up now* so you can get all of Jackie’s great styling tips, free for a limited time, to Remodelaholics only. The online video workshop starts streaming on Sunday, Dec. 6th. You can watch anytime of day 24/7 (whatever is most convenient for you), but the workshop will only be available for four days.The class is free but you must register here* to get access, and then you’ll receive an email when the course is open for you to view.

Free workshop of easy styling secrets to take your mantel from "meh" to AMAZING!

*Disclosure: Remodelaholic is an affiliate for School of Decorating. If you join School of Decorating after taking the Styling Secrets course, we may receive an affiliate commission. The workshop is 100% free, with zero obligation and I know you are going to LOVE it and love Jackie’s straightforward approach to decorating a home. Now, back to Dawn:

If you’re like me, you probably browse for some online inspiration when you are stuck on a problem area in your decor. Take mantles for example:

beautiful white mantel arrangement
Found on
gorgeous mantel arrangement! Love the mirror
Found on
Love this mantel decor.
Classic black mantel with a beautiful arrangement of decor
Found on
How to decorate a mantel shelf
Found on
Gorgeous layered mantel arrangement with white dishes and a chalkboard
Found on
Lovely mantel arrangement!
Found on

Staring at all these gorgeous photos makes it seem so easy, yet somehow when you actually try to style your own space with your own items, it always feels like something is missing, or it just doesn’t look as pinterest-ready as you’d like it too. I know the feeling! But did you know that there are actual secrets to getting the perfect arrangement ever time? And that you can do it with the things you already own?

Jackie has put together this great course to show you how. She walks you through all the secrets, like using visual triangles and layering, shows you how they work, and teaches you how to use each one to get great results in minimal time, and with only the things you already own.

7 Simple Styling Secrets: FREE workshop to learn how to arrange your decor like a pro

Here is a moodboard I put together to show how applying the lessons in Jackie’s new Styling Secrets course can take a cluttered mantle and turn it into a classy arrangement. Once you know the methods, it’s easy!

Mantel before

Both mantels have the same varied decor items, but the end result is so different by applying the 7 Styling Secrets! As Jackie says, you already have decor that you like; you just need help arranging it in a way that looks amazing instead of just okay. If that sounds like you, be sure to sign up for the free workshop here

School of Decorating signup

If you’re interested in sources for the moodboard above, here is a list:

This list may contains affiliate links. Please see our full privacy policy and disclosure here.

Fig Branch
Symmetry Object
Herringbone Parsons Round Mirror
Aqua Ceramic Vases
Flameless Candles
Silk Flowers

I hope you’ve enjoyed the eye candy in this post and are inspired to check out the new Styling Secrets course from the School of Decorating. It really is amazing how knowing a few tricks of the trade can help you get past those problem areas in your house and get a beautiful arrangement ever time. Come visit me at or on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Have a geat day!


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