5 Small Tools That Will Make Your DIY Projects Much Easier

Love to get your hands dirty and do your own projects? Tools are a plus when doing it yourself. Especially these 5 small tools that are essential for all DIYers from tipsaholic.com #tools #diy5 Small Tools That will Make your DIY Projects Much Easier Tipsaholic.com

Do you like to tackle DIY projects around your home? You might have built a nice collection in your tool box, but there are certain small tools that many homeowners might not know about and will make your DIY projects much easier to complete.

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1. Paint Can Pourer or Lid with Pour Spout

Painting a room or a piece of furniture are two of the most common DIY projects and they are usually done with a can of paint. These cans can get messy, especially when you’re trying to pour the paint into a paint tray.

The paint spreads all around the top, making it hard for you to hammer the lid back on. Over time, the paint can lid will start to rust and become distorted, dirtying up your paint and drying it up in the process. Ugh.

The solution to messy paint cans? A paint can pourer!

The easy pour spout keeps the rim of the paint can clean so it’s easy to put the lid back on for storage.

For longer painting projects, try using these paint can pour lids, which cost only a little more than $2 each. They will seal the paint can completely with much less mess. And you can wash them and reuse them for more painting projects in the future!

2. 5-in-1 Tool

Multi-tasking tools are always better than several separate tools that only have one purpose each and take up more space in your toolbox.

But this 5-in-1 tool (or level up to a 9-in-1 tool!) is so useful for many different DIY projects, from painting to repairing drywall.

It can scrape paint and wallpaper, spread drywall compound and wall putty, and open paint cans. Use this small tool to remove things from small spaces, such as old caulk from windows, old wood filler from furniture, and more. There’s also a half round cut-out on the tool that will remove paint off your paint roller.

Put it in your tool belt and you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll use it for all kinds of things!

3. Cabinet and Drawer Template

If you’ve ever installed hardware on brand new (or freshly painted) cabinet doors or drawers, you know how nerve-wracking it can be.

You have to measure everything, make sure all of your holes line up so your hardware won’t look crooked, and actually drill into your precious cabinets.

These cabinet and drawer templates will give you a peace of mind and more confidence that you’re doing the job right.

These handy small tools will do most of the measuring for you so that all of your pulls and knobs look perfect.

4. Spray Paint Grip

Everybody loves how a can of spray paint can instantly make over anything, but it can make your trigger finger tired after long bouts of spraying.

And when you get tired, your paint can start to come out in spurts, causing splatter and dripping. Not good.

Give your finger a break and get a smoother finish with a spray paint grip.

5. Damaged Screw Extractor

Is there anything more annoying than a damaged and stripped screw that you can’t remove with your drill?

The answer is no. A stripped screw can completely derail a project… unless you have a damaged screw extractor.

This small tool makes it easy to remove damaged screws from your latest DIY project or from an older piece of furniture.

The best part about all these small tools is that they’re not expensive at all. Most of them cost under $20 (some way under that amount), but they will feel like they’re worth hundreds when they instantly solve a DIY problem you’re struggling with.

What other small tools do you think that every DIYer should have in their toolbox?

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  1. Speaking as a 12 year veteran of your friendly neighborhood paint and decorating store, please don’t discard your original paint can lid if you opt for a “pour and store” plastic lid. The sticker we place on top of the original can lid contains the recipe to make that color again. If you throw it out, it will be much more difficult to ensure that you get the same exact thing again if you need more!