DIY Entry Table with Cubby Storage

If you have room in your entry for a table and need some flexible storage space, you should make your own DIY entry table with cubby storage! Thanks to DAP for sponsoring this post, all opinions are ours.

DIY Entry Table With Cubby Storage And Cabinet, Video Tutorial And Woodworking Plan Remodelaholic

We are big fans of an organized entryway and coat closet area, and we love the flexible storage that large cubbies give our growing family. When we needed some additional storage in our home, we knew we wanted to design something that would fit the large 13″ storage bins we love from IKEA, but with a less boxy style than the popular KALLAX shelf (even with the style boost we gave it here).

Woodworking Plan To Build A DIY Entry Table With Cubby Storage For IKEA 13 Inch Bins, Remodelaholic (1)

We combined the storage we wanted with a sleeker mid-century modern profile to build this DIY entry table with cubby storage. The 4 fixed cube shelves fit large cube storage bins. The closed cabinet features 2 adjustable shelves, give us so much hidden storage space that is still very easily accessible.

Watch the video and grab the woodworking plans below to build your own!

Get the printable entry table plans HERE

Building a DIY Entry Table with Cubby Storage

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Multipurpose Storage Console

We love this storage table, but it’s not just an entry console… it’s also a baby changing table for our cutest new addition! (If you haven’t been keeping up, see more of our cute family in our Instagram stories.)

We’ll be sharing the plans to build the changing table topper add-on soon. Bonus: the changing table organizer converts to the wall shelf you see here!

Build A DIY Entry Table With Cubby Storage And Easy Wall Shelf, Remodelaholic

This console is finished and beautiful on all sides, so you can use it in the center of a room as a room divider, or in the kitchen as a small kitchen island, too.

Skill Level

This mid-century style DIY entry table uses both rabbets and dadoes in construction, rather than using pocket holes or biscuit joinery like many of our other woodworking plans.

DIY Dado And Rabbet Joints For Strong Woodworking Handmade Furniture, Remodelaholic

With that skill set in mind, this is a good build for

  • advanced beginners who are ready to improve their skills
  • intermediate builders who want to practice joinery techniques
  • experienced builders who are familiar and comfortable with creating dado and rabbet joints

How To Make Diy Cubby Storage Using Plywood And Dado Joints, Remodelaholic

In addition to basic woodworking skills, this woodworking plan also requires a table saw and accessories for getting straight, accurate cuts (see materials list below) as well as a dado blade set *or* a router and blade.

Ready to improve your table saw skills? Build a table saw workbench!

Estimated Cost

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The cost of building the console will vary depending on the lumber and hardware you choose. We used a really nice maple cabinet-grade plywood, so a less expensive plywood would lower the overall cost. We spent about $190 on lumber and another $30 on hardware, for a total of roughly $220 to build this console.

How To Make An Entry Table With Cubby Storage And Adjustable Shelves In Cabinet, Ikea Hack Hinges, Remodelaholic

Love the colorful rug in our entryway? Find it here.

We also used IKEA UTRUSTA hardware for the hinges and door damper; they are pretty affordable but can be swapped for another option if you prefer.  The large IKEA storage boxes cost as little as $4 for a fabric DRÖNA bin, up to about $12 each for the rattan baskets we used (not included in the total price).

TIP: Many other stores (including Target, Walmart, and Big Lots) are now carrying similarly sized 13-inch storage bins, for those who don’t have an IKEA nearby.

DIY Entry Table Materials List

*PLEASE NOTE that most plywood labeled 3/4″ is actually slightly less. We used actual measurement .703″ plywood, which is about 11/16″. To fit this plywood thickness, the rabbet joints are 11/16″ and the shelf dadoes are 3/4″.

How To Make Diy Cubby Storage Using Plywood And Rabbet Joints, Remodelaholic

Additional Supplies Needed

How To Build A DIY Entry Table With Cubby Storage, Remodelaholic

My table saw workbench made building this console with accurate cuts a breeze! Get the plans to build your workbench here.

Tools Needed

To create the rabbet joints and dado joints, you will need either a table saw with a dado blade kit *or* a handheld router with a 3/4″ router blade. 

Click here to purchase the DIY Entry Table with Cubby Storage woodworking plans

DIY Tutorial To Build An Entry Table Console With Cabinet And Cubby Storage, Remodelaholic

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