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Of the Common fillers used in Plastics, Rubber, FRP, SMC, DMC moulding and other polymers only Alumina Trihydrate has flame retarding and smoke suppressing properties as well as being an economical resin extender. Alumina Chemical & Castables is the leading developer & Processor of ATH.

ATH is used in polyester resins. However with increased attention being given to smoke & toxic fume emissions, ATH has found large volume application in vinyl as a low smoke, non toxic replacement for antimony and in polyurethane, latex, neoprene foam system, Rubber, wire & Cable insulation, vinyl walls & flooring coverings and epoxies. Alumina Trihydrate acts as a flame retardant and smoke suppressor because of its thermodynamic properties. Its endothermic dehydration cools the plastic & Rubber parts and dilute with water vapour those combustible gases that do escape. The latter is probably the main phenomenon associated with smoke suppression other excellent performance include electrical and track resistance.

Alumina Trihydrate widely use in Paper Industries as a whitening agent in place of titanium dioxide.

ATH is also use in Paints Industries. ATH can replace upto 25% of the Titanium dioxide pigment & therefore is an economical extender reducing production cost.


Alumina Trihydrate CHW grade & CHD grade -
These are unground coarse particle having approx. 150 micron size. Former CHW grade contain moisture from 3 - 8% and later grade CHD is dry moisture free, free flowing material. These grades are use in ferric non ferric alum manufacturing and glass manufacturing.

Alumina Trihydrate ATH - 325 Grade -
This is ground grade passes 325 mesh. Average particle size is 10 - 15 microns.

This grade use specially in Paper Industries as a whiting agent in place of titanium dioxide. In thermoplastics, thermosets SMC / DMC moulding, FRP, PVC, use as a filler material, flame retardant and / or smoke suppressor.

In rubber industries ATH disperses well prior to vulcanization and curing. Functions include improving surface texture and abrasion resistance electrical arcing and tracking resistance,
improved stiffness, flame retardant and / or smoke suppressor.

Alumina Trihydrate ATH - 800 grade -

This is finely ground grades consisting entirely of superfine pass through 800 mesh. Average particle size 1.5 - 5 microns.

This grade use specially in XLPE,PVC Cable & wire coatings, polymer industries, & Paints Industries

Alumina Trihydrate surface treated material available on request.