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I don’t think I’ve felt more grown up in a long time… I am SO close to having a finished house I can almost taste it! (Not that I go around eating parts of my house, we aren’t Hansel and Gretel after all.)

I have a confession to make: I haven’t lived in a finished house since I lived with my parents almost 20 years ago!  I am the true remodelaholic! Justin and I always have something torn up, and that hasn’t actually changed, we are still living with unfinished projects but as has been said by past heros- we recently took “one small step that feels like a GIANT LEAP for all of mankind”!

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 13

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You see, our current house has a basement. When we bought the house from our friends, we told them to not worry about finishing any projects because …remodelaholic.  They had inherited a puppy from their son and it had a heyday in attacking and otherwise killing the basement carpet!  Which means, they had torn it out, and were waiting for him to get out of puppyhood to replace it.   So, while this house was finished, not having carpet in the basement made it feel less finished than it might actually have been.

Because Justin and I are a little fastidious about the proper use of space, we decided to move a couple doorways to add some room to the very small bedrooms.  There were a couple other changes to make too.  One of the bedrooms still had the original  drop ceiling that also needed to be replaced, while we were at it we could move a couple closets, create a laundry chute from our bedroom and so on and so forth… #remodelaholic it’s a sickness…

But, I can see the light at the end of the basement…

Wait for it!

We have Shaw Floors, Brand New, Beautiful, Soft, LOVELY, warm, carpet!

The carpet we chose is Shaw Floors, The Arts, in 503 Arctic Frost.

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 13

I’m so excited about it!! SO- SO- SO- EXCITED!!

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 24

If you remember we did all hard surfaces, vinyl wood look floors upstairs (check out the post here). But you guys, I miss the feeling of real carpet, area rugs are wonderful (like this one in our last house- still love it infact) BUT I want carpet padding, and all the space for the kids to run around on soft flooring, and lay around on the floors, making “snow” angels in the carpet…

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 31

Additionally, when the house was built and they poured the concrete floor, they did such a poor job at leveling it.  Seriously, it is surprising every time you walk from one side of the room.  You might as well be taking a sobriety test, (and failing at that), it goes up and down and I always trip and catch my foot as I walk, it is that wavy!  With the amount of level issues, putting a hard surface flooring down wouldn’t have worked without spending a fortune on leveling products and concrete grinding blades.

The installers we worked with were so awesome!  They worked hard to keep the pattern looking seamless and wonderful!   If you are local you can call Mike at Carpets of America in Provo, UT!  He really made the whole process run so smoothly!

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 18

I wanted a sophisticated looking carpet, that wasn’t too shaggalicious.  I totally got the dream look I was hoping for!  I wanted the softness and comfort of carpet!  We got it!

I’m always looking for inspiration.  In fact, I’ve been through the home show every year for the last 5-6 years and every year there has been at least one house (often more) with the carpet style and look I finally decided on!  I have noticed it every year!  I’ve loved it every year- and now that we have it in our home, I love it even more.  Here are some similar looks, (I can’t find the specific house I was looking for, I literally have about 60,000 home show pictures and that is a literal number not an exaggeration)  But I love the hint of texture and pattern without a lot of added color.  LOVELY!

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 29 New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 30

There was one last minute choice that Justin and I made the night before the flooring install… we used to have this closet…  I asked Justin to help me move the doorway over a foot or so, to make the space inside more useful, and when we took out that portion of wall.. we realized the rest HAD to come down…

New Carpet Shaw Floors @Remodelaholic 11

The funny little closet, was great for storage, but not really necessary and since it was not a bearing wall, it had to go!  The space at the bottom of the stairs is a really just a large hallway, but it was too small to really make anything out of the space… by removing this large closet, we could make it into a family space.  And walking into the family space makes more sense than the huge hall with a family room around the corner (which I think I will turn into a guest room/home gym … Anywho, I’m SO in love with the space now (even though it means I have more drywall to take care of!)  Like I said, we almost had a totally finished space… now we also have this (sorry for the fuzzy kids the lighting down there is horrible, and they can’t sit perfectly still for as long as it takes to expose the image properly!)  Also, yes, this is what they space looks like regularly… it is summer break after all!  I know you’re jealous!

IMG 3111

Otherwise, the spaces are so comfortable and nice to be in now!

I can’t wait to show you what we did with the play “area” (also part of the large hall), we reconfigured the furniture a bit from before the install on the other side of the room, and I am SO much happier with the space layout now!  But oh boy, do I need to go through the toys and get rid of half… pray for me.

Thank you again to Shaw Floors, we have been working on and off together for the last 9 years.  I LOVE the company!  I LOVE the employees.  They are such a great company to work with, I am thankful for the blessing they are in our lives!

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Why We Chose SHAW Carpet Flooring For Our Basement And Which Luxe Textured Carpet We Chose #remodelaholic

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  1. We love your remodeled rooms! We’re so glad you like your Shaw Floors carpet and are thrilled to be a part of your home. Thank you for the shoutout and for being such a valued Style Board partner!

    Shaw Floors

  2. You make me laugh out loud at your fuzzy kids and yes I am jealous at your space. I have always been remoalholic. Husband not so much. So I remodeled him into a new husband who said honey,- have at it. Yahooo! Thank you God.

  3. I Love the carpet choice!! oh and yes we have the same taste! we decided for wall to wall to create a more quiet room and it did that it was the perfect choice.
    So many remodel and put in wood flooring and LVF but they need to talk to some of the older folks that had it and had to dust it all daily in some areas! not me I’ll vacuum! Except in bathrooms and kitchen and dining rooms!