How to Plan the Perfect 4th of July Party

Planning a 4th of July party and want it to be perfect? Use these easy patriotic Fourth of July party ideas to make it a hit for adults and kids alike!

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4th of July Party Ideas

Tis the season for cookouts and picnics, and if you’re someone who loves to host, you are probably eyeing the calendar wondering what you’re going to do to make the 4th of July festive and special! Here at Remodelaholic, we’ve got your back. 

One of the biggest reasons why most of us want to make our homes beautiful is for it to be a welcoming and beautiful place for guests to enjoy and feel at home! If that’s your goal for the 4th, this post will compile all of our favorite 4th of July tips together so you can be make your party full of beautiful summer memories. This will transform your party from dull finger foods and awkward conversation to a beautiful celebration Martha Stewart would be proud of!

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Free Printable Patriotic Party Pack

Printable Patriotic Party Pack

The easiest way you can make your party totally Pinterest-worthy is to use our cute, easy printables. In our patriotic party pack, we have:

  • 2x fillable party invitations
  • cupcake toppers
  • cake topper
  • red white and blue decoration bunting
  • firecracker party favor (to fill with treats!)

This means, from the invites to the decor each sweet treat to your party favors, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to look anywhere else to get inexpensive 4th of July party decorations to make your feast look delicious to your family and guests!

Homemade Face Paint

If you’re drowning in fourth of July party ideas, get back to the basics with some homemade face paint! This is one way to make every kid enjoy your epic 4th of July party without shelling out a bunch of money. You can create patriotic colors of homemade face paint with materials you likely already have, and the kids can take turns painting their family members’ faces. Then, if you want to keep it clean, wash it all off with a water balloon fight!

Flour Stars for the Lawn

Decorating your yard with stars and stripes is a great way to show your patriotism! This is one of our old favorites, not only because it’s so cute, but because it’s also an easy way to keep the kids busy while we clean the house.

All you need is some stencils, some flour, and a flour sifter to make cute star shapes all over your lawn. Our kids have so much fun making messes, and this is a great way to encourage them to make messes in a good way!

Add some extra fun with a large $5 lighted star for the porch — or this giant lighted star for the entire front yard! Make it patriotic with red, white, and blue string lights or outdoor programmable string lights.

Create Freedom Collages

Making art is the perfect way to celebrate your freedom! There are a variety of ways to create freedom collages, because all you really need to do is gather all of your red, white, and blue craft supplies and some glue and smash them all together on a piece of paper!

You could even make them in the form of birthday cards to celebrate America’s birthday. You can set these crafts up inside or outdoors on a picnic table– either way is a fun way to include guests who like to get creative!

Popcorn Relay Race

Kids of all ages enjoy relay races! Bringing in some snacks to your activities is always a good idea. Popcorn relay races are one summer party classic that help each guest have a good time! Provide the supplies alongside your lawn games to get your party guests ready to play. This game is also very easy to set up anywhere, so if you’re meeting up at the local park or in your front yard, you can play it with your friends and family!

Popcorn Relay Race BHG
image: Douglas Merriam for Better Homes & Gardens

American Flag Photo Background

What’s more fun than a photo booth? Set up an American flag in your party area and show your guests how to get the right angle to be surrounded by stars and stripes! This is one of the most patriotic ideas available that will give your guests a fun little photo souvenir to preserve the memories!

You could even take slow-mo videos of your guests throwing water balloons at each other. My friends loved taking family photos in front of ours!

Flag Hanging From Pergola, How To Build A Pergola For Swings Around A Fire Pit, LWHBlog On Remodelaholic

Get Creative with Glow Sticks

Spending time with your family is fun, but sometimes you can find your party lulling between dinner and the firework displays. The good news is, you can come up with all kinds of things to do with glow sticks at a pool party!

You can set up ring toss with glow sticks taped into circles, hopscotch with bigger glow circles, beach ball volleyball with glow sticks inside, or tie them into water games in the dark. The world is your oyster!

Make Some Cute Patriotic Clothes

As you prepare for your Independence Day celebration, get into the patriotic spirit by trying a DIY project. We have a list of 30 cute kids’ clothes DIY’s for your 4th of July celebration, so your family will look fun and festive while you eat all the party food.

Hopefully this list will help you throw an awesome 4th of July party that is bursting with great ideas for this time of year! Stick around for more home ideas that will wow your guests all year round.

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