32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Cut down on the sugar your kids get with these non-candy (but so fun!) Easter basket ideas.

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Easter Basket Ideas For Kids That Are Not Candy From Remodelaholic

32 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets for kids are so fun to put together, but they can pack a serious sugar high. Here are some great ideas for non-candy Easter egg fillers and basket items to get your kids active outside and engage their creative brains.

Easter Basket Ideas for Outdoor Play

If the weather is good, enjoy your Easter Sunday outside. Or if it’s still cold (most likely where I live!) build anticipation for warmer days.

For more outdoor play fun you can build, see our tutorials for DIY Yardzee Dice Game and Giant Pallet-Wood Dominoes

Easter Basket Ideas for Swimming Fun

Maybe it’s already warm where you live or just get your kids excited about family trips to the pool or beach with a couple of swimming-themed Easter basket gifts!

  • New swimwear. You’ll probably need to buy new ones for your growing kids every year anyway, so why not include kids’ swimwear in their Easter basket to make them a little more special?
  • Pool and beach toys. You could even use a sand bucket as the Easter basket!
  • Sunglasses. Look for a protective pair that your kid can wear all spring and summer.  Sunglasses are a great Easter basket idea for teens, too! My teenagers love their glasses from Goodr.
  • Hat. A cute beach hat or a fun baseball cap would fit well in an Easter basket!
  • Sunscreen. If it’s their special sunscreen and only for them, they’ll be more inclined to wear it!
  • Towels. Your kids will love a personalized beach towel!
  • Water gun. Tiny water guns or a bigger, powerful water gun are both fun Easter basket ideas.
  • Water shoes. Great for natural water swimming holes or just the backyard or local swimming pool, protect their feet with kids’ water shoes.
  • Flip flops. Everyone needs at least a pair!
Try out these water fun ideas for kids!

Arts and Crafts Easter Basket Ideas

Flex your kids’ artistic muscles by including arts and crafts in their Easter basket! This is also a great opportunity to restock any art tools that you might be running out of.

Get help keeping all their artwork organized and protected: 10 Creative Ways to Organize Kids’ Artwork

Easter Basket Ideas for the Garden

Teach your kids about gardening and growing plants with a vegetable garden kit or flower-growing kit. Or create your own with:

  • Seeds. Give your kids some fruit or vegetable seeds to plant in your garden or in their own pot at home. Or you could give them some flower seeds to plant in your yard to improve your curb appeal.
  • Gardening tools: shears, gloves, spade, fork, etc. Young kids will love these tools and play happily in the dirt, while older kids can use them to plant and take care of the seeds that you give them.
  • Pots. You could give them a couple of small pots and some paint (to decorate the pots) along with some dirt and seeds for a complete gardening gift that they’ll love finding in their Easter basket.

Other ways to grow cool stuff:

  • Chia pet. A great introduction to the wonders of growing a plant, chia pets come in so many shapes you’re sure to find a great one!
  • Mini Garden. This dinosaur version would be so fun as would a DIY fairy garden!
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Other Ideas for the Easter Basket

Here are some extra non-candy ideas for the Easter basket!

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32 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas From Remodelaholic

Originally published 03.18.2015 // Updated 02.26.2021

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